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    Rubber Tile/Sheet

Rubber Tile: Tile-typed Rubber Flooring with various functions

  • Excellent non-slip function with good absorbency from rubber material
  • Excellent cushioning to reduce walking noise
  • No toxic gas in case of fire (halogen free)
  • Eco-friendly after passing 35 VOC tests
  • Excellent wear resistance with excellent durability


Airports, Schools, Art Halls, Museums, Libraries, Subway Stations, Industrial Facilities, Power Stations, etc.

Rubber Sports: Rubber Flooring for a wide space such as Sports Facilities

  • Double-layered 9.5mm thick tile type with shock absorption for heavy loads
  • Superior resilience without stress on heavy object loads
  • Excellent hygienic and retentive surface layer
  • Excellent antimicrobial activity against bacterial and fungi growth


Sports Complex Indoor Floor, Ice Rink, Fitness Club, etc.

Rubber Tile: Suitable Roll-typed Flooring in Healthcare

  • Excellent chemical resistance with no damage to exposure to chemicals (solvents, acids etc.)
  • Easy removal of iodine-based skin fungicide contamination
  • Excellent antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can not reproduce bacteria or fungi
  • Excellent dimensional stability for wide construction


Hospitals, Schools, Office Buildings, Corridors, Emergency Exits, Hospital Rooms, Intensive Care Units, etc.

Solid Round (3T / 4T)
Chip Round (3T / 4T)