Equipment Refurbishment


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    Track Record
    More than 14 years of experienced engineer’s support product manufacturing and maintenance of equipment.
    Well organized and systemized network will useful from Fab-in to Prove-in build-up the hardware and Process support.
Client Description
Silterra Equipment
  • AMAT To Ni TxZ Chamber + Facility Hook-up
  • AMAT Ti IMP Chamber + Facility Hook-up
  • Back Grinder Disco DFG840 + Taper Nitto DR 8500 + De-Taper HR 8500 with Facility Hook-up each TEL Unity II Oxide Etcher (Including 18mths Warranty) with Facility Hook-up
Nikon DUV Scanner + TEL ACT8 upgrade (Included 18 months warranty) with Facility Hook-up.
Infineon, Kulim Equipment
  • Refurbished P5000 TEOS to Silane Conversion and 6” to 8” Conversion & Restoration
  • BOC Edward IPX100 Pump
  • Robot Overhaul
Infineon, Austria & Regensburg  Equipment
  • AMAT Producer-S
  • UV Lamp Ushio
  • EPI Chamber & Gas Panel
Ltoundry, Rousset Equipment
  • AMAT Producer PE TEOS 3 Chamber System
  • Prober EG 4080 Micro
  • HP Agilent 4072
X-Fab Semiconductor process equipment supply and utility work (Gas Piping & Other Utility Piping Work)
STMicroelectronics Semiconductor process equipment supply and utility work
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    Overall Services


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    Refurbishment Process Flow Chart