Fabrication & Hook-up


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    Hook-up Services
Fabrication & Hook-Up Procedure

KYL started and familiarize ourselves with the work of this facility by making hook up of our own stick and gas components in the tool gas box.

Gas VMP Fabrication
Gas Cabinet Fabrication
Facility Gas Line Hook-up

KYL also supplies several tools and hook-up project with Silterra Malaysia. Each of the works that have been  entrusted to be completed with good workmanship shown by KYL.

Tool & Equipment

KYL has bought some machine that is suitable for hook up work to develop this field. We now has enough equipment’s to carry out the work of the hoop up facility.

Workshop & Materials Inventory

KYL designated warehouse has large variety of tools (welding machine,  etc.) and inventory for project usage.

Usually for a small part of the fabrication  work will be done in our workshop and will be sent to customers by courier.