Industrial Engineering Consulting

We are an engineering solutions provider bringing together multiple disciplines and team members with unique areas of expertise when analyzing a challenge. Our team members include management professionals, professional engineers, and individuals specialized in association with construction and manufacturing management. Our engineers have experience in fields that include, but are not limited to, earthwork, semiconductor, green technology, electrical, structural, facility design, fire fighting and mechanical engineering.


● Development Order (DO)
● State Planning Approval (SPA)
● Building Plan (BP) Approval
● Engineering Plan (EP) Approval
● Occupational Permit Application
● Land Application and/or Purchase & Advisory


● Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report
● Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
● Environmental Monitoring Report (EMR)
● Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP)
● Written Notification/ Written Approval Application
● Other Application to DOE


● Design Approval Application
● Certificate of Fitness Application
● Permission to Install Machinery Application
● Factory Vehicle License
● Inspection Assistance and Monitoring Services
● New and/or Used Machinery Importation Facilitating Services
● Other Application to DOSH


● Manufacturing License
● Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW)
● Control of Industrial Major Hazard (CIMAH) Report
● Halal Certification Application and Advisory