Our Strength

Our Strength

International Range

Throughout the years, KYL has built a large international network in all industry chains and important market with potential investors

Multi-disciplinary Experience

Our years of experience in project management for international companies in various industries (chemical, semiconductor, electronic etc.) provide insight on the best way to attain client’s needs

Flexibility & Fresh Approach

Our activities are driven by unconventional approach and flexibility, where solutions for each client are tailor-made

Unique Expertise

KYL team consists of top-class experts with unique knowledge of international regulations, corporate, legal, engineering and manufacturing activities

International Service Office

Focused on the setup and coordination of international client engagements, our international office is structured to help you navigate the different languages, cultures and service needs of doing business internationally.

All-in-One Solution

We combine both corporate and engineering knowledge to provide all round services for foreign investors in ensuring the success of their business establishment in Malaysia at all stages