Parts Clearing & Coating


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    Coating Mechanism
Spray Coating Mechanism
Adhesion Mechanism

  • Liquid coating material in flight
  • Impact on surface
  • Transfer of heat to the base material
  • Solidification and contraction of the coating material
  • Mechanical bonding
  • Local diffusion or fusion (during heat treatment)
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Plasma Spray Coating (Y2O3, Al2O3)

Special Material Coating (UC/BONO/SH/Silicon)

  • Reduced Porosity and micro crack inside the coating layer for better plasma & chemical resistance
  • Higher Surface Roughness (Ra) compared to Y2O3 coating layer
  • Hold up more particle
  • Minimize gas residue trapped inside the pore in coating layer

New Tech. & NANO Structure Coating (N1, NOVA)

  • Less than 1% Porosity à High Density Coating
  • Reduced Porosity and micro crack inside the coating layer
  • Particle and Defect Control from part surface
  • Excellent Plasma Resistance à Surface Corrosion & Erosion Protection
Various Types of Coating
UC CoatingHD CoatingHDS 1,2 CoatingHP Treatment

Features & benefits:

This coating has high  hardness and density,  compared to Y203 by  reducing internal defects  (loser porosity and micro  crack)


* Improved chemical and plasma resistance

Features & benefits:

Minimized condition change  inside the chamber by making a  coating layer that can material  quality of Y203


* Reduced particle from raw  material & plasma damage and  out gassing

Features & benefits:

Coating which has big  improvement on plasma  resistance and surface  stabilization by laminating high  density coating on APS coating  layer


* Stabilized Particle Trend in  chamber with improving plasma resistance

Features & benefits:

Shielded pore and connected  channel with outside by  sealing open pore and micro  crack inside coating layer


* Reduced out gassing with  covering micro channel